Welcome to my website.

My name is Marganit

I’m married to Zohar and I’m the mother of my grown daughters Adi, Shani and orian.

“Huis Catering” is not one more catering or restaurant.

 “Huis Catering” is a dream come true.


Even when I was a child in the kibbutz, my biggest love was to stand next to my grandmothers and watch them cooking.

It doesn’t matter if it was the huge kitchen of the kibbutz or their small magical kitchen in their house.

Every time they entered into the kitchen to cook, the kitchen got filled with magical atmosphere of warm and love.

One grandmother came from Morocco with one type of flavors and smells.

The second grandmother came from Syria, with different flavors and tastes.

Quietly, step by step as an artist in the kingdom of creation they created magical dishes, while on their faces developed a network of peace and calmness that made them forget the weight of the years.

From my grandmothers I learned the connection between food and love, food and joy.

When I cook, my heart fills up with joy and I feel like that small girl in the kingdom of creation.